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        ANNUALLY SINCE 1996


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                           OUR PURPOSE

The purpose of the Dana Awards, since our beginning in 1996, is to offer monetary awards for work that has not been published or promised for publication. (Consideration for possible publication through our new partnership with Blue Mary Press is a brand-new option for our Novel winner and top 30 Novel entrants.)

As a writer myself, I've learned a heartening but frightening thing in managing the Dana Awards: that there are thousands of excellent writers out there.

Which is heartening for the sake of literature, but frightening because of the sheer numbers of good writers looking for recognition--so much competition for each one of us, and so many people who deserve notice but aren't getting it.

Writing is a profession for talented, imaginative, sensitive Gila monsters. (I say this because good writers don't give up, and legend claims that when a Gila monster clamps its jaws on something it won't let go.)


Mary Elizabeth Parker

Chair, Dana Awards



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